Top 5 Design Trends in 2016

With 2016, new design trends are coming about.  Often, we are starting to modernize everything, including our homes.  The idea of having a serene home that is simple is what many go for, and these top five design trends are being seen to help detox the body and make you feel better.  This article will go over the top five trends of 2016 design-wise.

Rose quartz and serenity are two new colors that are being seen, and they are in many different ways, including faux brick panels.  These colors are almost a sign for some, because they are both sugary and sweet, and they are also moving things towards fluidity and equality.


Then there is the design detox, which is essentially a palette cleanse, without too many crazy colors.  Instead, it’s quiet and calming hues. You can see these in faux brick panels being almost a whitish color in a sense, and it helps to bring out simplicity against the noise.  The design trends are moving away from the colors to more calming measures instead, and it allows the fast-paced lifestyle to be subdued and balance is created in it.

Warm metals are another design trend, in that it includes the brass, gold, and even copper that you see in fixtures.  Often, items such as faux brick panels and marble can be painted in these colors, and it creates a more subdued and prettier color in a sense that it won’t go out of style like other colors.  It has become a new and popular trend, and it does give both a simplistic, and a modern feel t things.


Then there is instant aging.  Instant aging is a way to really create depth and texture to a room and it does make a much better experience.  Often, being able to add this roughness without any issues with cost, and the weight of it, or even the depth does change the way it looks.  Often, these collections can also be made with different materials as well, and it pushes forward the idea of recycling materials.

Then there is a customized interior and making it your own.  Last year, many brands started to give people the chance to give customization options to furniture that you order online, based upon what you want.  This trend does continue to show up in 2016 because companies are working to reach more people.  In truth, this trend will probably continue well into 2017, where customers can pick the fabric of the furniture, the size of it, and even various configurations that suit the space on hand.  Often, this will give you a new chance to really redo rate your home, and to give it the modernized feeling without sacrificing the size of the home.


These five design trends are all things that you see in the world of interior design today. You can use these trends in essence make every single room stand out, and it does really improve the way a space feels and looks.


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